Cookies are the ideal addition to your party or other special occasion. Nowadays, bridal couples often even choose cookies instead of a wedding cake. All personalised cookies can be made according to your wishes and are unique. View the different options below and click on the button below to order personalised cookies.

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To make the cookies as sustainable as possible, I only use organic products. Do you have allergies such as gluten or lactose? Please contact us. Then we can take this into account!

You can choose from different flavours of cookies. If you want to order decorated cookies, you can choose from the two basic flavors: vanilla and chocolate. Other flavours, such as chocolate chip, white chocolate chip & cranberry or red velvet are only available as standard cookies in the shop.

Red velvet & white chocolate chipNo (Available in the shop)
Vanilla & chocolate chipNo (Available in the shop)
Chocolate & white chocolate chipNo (Available in the shop)
White chocolate & cranberryNo (Available in the shop)
  • Vanille cookie
  • Vanilla icing
  • Chocolate cookie
  • Vanilla icing
Red velvet & white chocolate Chip
  • Red velvet cookie
  • White chocolate chips
Vanilla & chocolate chip
  • Vanilla cookie
  • Chocolate chips
Chocolate & white chocolate chip
  • Chocolate cookie
  • White chocolate chips
White chocolate & cranberry
  • Vanilla cookie
  • White chocolate chips
  • Dried cranberry

All cookies are sold per 12 pieces.

Personalised cookies €3,50 each

Standard cookies available for €3,00 each in the webshop.

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All orders can be delivered to the desired location. Delivery costs depend on the delivery distance. We use the following calculation for the delivery of your order:

€15 + €0.70 per km

Of course you can also pick up your order for free.